Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Value of File Folder Games

It's FEBRUARY friends! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!? Valentine's Day is within 2 weeks! It is only the 2nd best holiday of the year!!! Oh I can't wait to head out and share the love. Or all the great fun activities we are going to be doing over the next 2 weeks!

Let's dive into today's topic. File Folder Games.

Let me just tell you. I LOVE file folder games. My kids really like file folder games too! Good file folder games, one that is aligned with teaching objectives, offer a great value to your students.

They are great for:
♥ independent practice
♥ reinforcing skills
♥ extra practice
♥ teaching on task skills
♥ self management opportunities

When you are limited on space they make great small learning centers. You can turn any small space into a learning center with a file folder game. Everything you need is right there in the file folder.

Learning activities for small space -- File Folder Games

 As a work at home mom I particularly love file folder games for additional reasons.
♥ they are rather independent activities (depending on skill level and age of your child). This allows me time to do a quick chore, change the laundry or start dinner.
♥ they are quiet activities. I can give them a file folder game to play while I make or take a phone call.

File folder games provide work at home mom quiet activities to reinforce different learning skills. (Valentine Patterns pictured)

As a work at home mom I find that too often my kids feel like all I do is work. I am answering an email, commenting on a Facebook message, working on a new product and what not. Daddy is the one that plays with them. Daddy is the fun one. Mommy is always working. File Folder Games gives me an opportunity to connect with my child in ways that are really important and that do not include a screen.

So, my ultimate favorite way to use file folder games is to engage with them. They are games so play with them!
♥ give a wrong answer on purpose. Let them correct you and tell them they are so smart - building confidence and self esteem
♥ show them how to play and let them copy you
♥ let them make up the rules - builds creativity

Connecting with my son and conversation hearts - win, win (Valentine File Folder Game pictured).

File folder games provide you with great opportunities to teach, engage and connect with the children you come in contact with and they are small!

If you are interested in these games you can get them at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

(All File Folder Games here)

Embrace play! Make it a fun day!

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