Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Test It Tuesday: Erupting Snow

I am sure many of you have seen this pin floating around the Pin-o-sphere.

Well, I was needing something to entertain during a FRIGID day recently. I was also wanting to test this out for my preschoolers. So I got some shaving cream and some baking soda and went to work..

I started mixing with a spoon, but it wasn't cutting it. The best mixers for this stuff is the ones that God gave you. 

The first day I just let them play with it. It was a huge hit. The smell would not have been great at school though. Since I have returned to working from home I pulled it out again today in an attempt to do some learning time. 

I tossed it in a cookie sheet and gave him a plow. I encouraged him to make letters in the snow. He felt that just playing was much more fun!. 

This sensory stuff was kid tested and kid approved!

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