Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's New Wednesday 1.27.16

Let me fill you all in a little on what is going on. Back in May 2015, I started working full-time out of the house. A friend of mine needed a good teacher for one of her classrooms and offered me a job. Seeing that Hubsy was out of work and there was nothing on the horizon I took the job.

I hate for my friend to read this, but we were miserable.. We thought it was just adjustment blues and we trudged on. Issues started coming up with our son that we were dealing with then issues came up with my parents and Hubsy and I had a talk. Then another talk. Then a third talk with a budget meeting. We decided that it was best if I left my job, picked up what I had been doing before and take all of that up a notch. If need be I could babysit a kid or two.

Leading up to my last day I was making getting myself ready to hit the ground running. I made myself a new planner, a content calendar, I had started re-branding back in July, but I made sure Facebook, the Teachers Pay Teachers store, and the blog were the same. BIG changes are coming to my Pinterest account soon.

One thing that I loved doing while I was working from home before was helping you all connect and share the great things you have been working on. I am bringing it back and I God willing I am going to be consistent with it.

So What's New?

Well with The Play-Based Preschool the newest thing is an announcement. My birthday is next month and I decided I was going to giveaway a different product EVERYDAY! 

Seriously what is she thinking 28 days of freebies including 2 best sellers!

Here is how this works. Everyday there is going to be a product with a cover similar to this picture. When you download it you will get 1 of 7 new freebies (for February). You will also get an instruction sheet on how to get the birthday freebie of the day. You will need to email me your choice of cupcake 1 or cupcake 2. I will then email you the product within 24 hours.  

You will be able to get things like ... 

Happy Birthday to all!! You get free products and you get free products! You all get free products!!!! 28 of them from The Play-Based Preschool

and 22 others if you participate everyday!

Your turn!!! Here are the rules:
1. Link up your newest (even if that means the last thing you uploaded was from October!) Freebie
2. Link up your newest PAID product.
3. Be kind and share what you like!

*** If you want a 3rd link --- post your newest blog post!

You can post directly from your store or from your blog that is up to you.. Remember if you want the most traffic from Pinterest blog posts go further than our store posts do.  :

Can't wait to see what you link up this week!


Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! said...

I love your birthday celebration idea! I can't wait to participate.

Sara Hickman said...

Thanks! It starts on February 1. I am pretty excited!!! Thanks for the comment love too!