Thursday, April 28, 2016

#TBT: Where the Red Apples Grow

When I am thumbnails, pins and previews for my products I always check my filing cabinet before I print for in-use pictures. It would be silly to reprint! 

Recently, while doing this for my apple product line and I found some activities from when I first started preschooling my little ones. PERFECT! for #ThrowbackThursday! My plan (before I found Teachers Pay Teachers) was to create units and sell them here on my site. I was going to paper piece it all. EVERY.SINGLE.PRODUCT. 

Yes, I think I was sleep deprived and slightly crazy to think that I would hand create each and every product ever sold. Now granted I do LOVE creating things with my hands, but I would have long given up by now. Think about all the work that would have gone into create each and every word wall packet! 

Well, then comes Teacher Pay Teachers. What a blessing! I can still design products and help teachers get some time back to spend with their loved ones.

I would like to admit that I have used these original pieces in my classroom last year. They have also served as the inspiration for my apple product line! And just looking at these originals it spurred some ideas on different ways to use products already created ... BLOG POSTS!!! 

How did your products start out?

If you want to see what these products inspired? Check them out on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, or Educents.

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