Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A to Z Tips to Help You Survive the End of the School Year

Hey there teacher ... It's almost over!

Hang in there! Today I am going to provide you with an A to Z list to help you maintain your sanity as the school year comes to an end.  When I was a preschool these are things that I had to remember weekly. It was so hard just to get to Friday!

So here we go ... an Z to A list to make it to the end of the school year.

The Play Based Preschool presents a Z to A list to help you get through the end of the school year.
Z: Zany - sometimes thing just need to get a little ZANY to relieve the stress.

Y: Year end reflection - I am not one to do this around New Year's, but I do reflect on the school year at the end of the year. Look at how far they have come!

X: xercise - Okay, have to fudge on that one a little. There are so many great benefits of regular exercise.  

W: Worst first - This is just a productivity tip in general. Do what you want to do least first, you won't dread it all day!

V: Visit  - Go visit a friend, go visit a park, go visit anything that uplifts you.

U: Use student helpers - sure it is not going to be as perfect as when you do it, but you have excited little bodies to help you and it does get "good enough" I do this at home too. I will go around and do a "perfect clean" once a month to every six weeks. That middle time I embrace, good enough. I want to teach my children that it does not have to be perfect to be done.

T: Take control of your schedule - You are in control of your time. If you need a break during your prep hour and that is the perfect time for your colleague to come in and vent. Tell them respectfully that you cannot chat. (I know this is way easier said than done.)

S: Structure - When we are getting to the end of our rope we tend to let go of the structure. This is probably not the best thing for us to do to keep our sanity.

R: Refocus - Sometimes it takes looking at things in a whole new way, refocus and experience things in a new way. 

Q: QUICK! - smile! Can't smile? Hold a pencil in your teeth it forces you to use the same muscles as smiling and releases the same hormones.

P: Prance and Dance - nothing does a body better than a good 'ole dance party!

O: Opposite - Have to do something negative, like talk to a parent or meet with your boss? Follow it up with doing something positive - reach out to a parent to praise a child.

N: Network - I know this might so weird, but I don't mean it in the business sense of the word. Find ways to meet new and like minded people. Go to an adult coloring class at your library, join a book club, take up a new class at the gym. This is oddly empowering.

M: Me Time - Don't forget to take time for you. I do several things for work, I wear many hats. I take off Thursday nights. I watch TV and do my nails. It's my thing. 

L: Leave it at school - Don't bring it home with you. Leave it at school. Yes, things have to get done, but buckle down and focus when you are school so you can leave it there. Eyeball those worksheets to see where things need to be reviewed and what kids need help. 

K: Keep on the little stuff - The little stuff can really build up fast. That is what you end up taking home to get done. Keep on it so you can leave it at school.

J: Jump around - Have you ever heard that if it is said more than once it is important? Well here it is again, get up and move around. When I am wiped out, emotional and exhausted I will even just stop and do some jumping jacks. Totally helps.

I: Intentional Connections - How do you want them to remember you? Make intentional connections with them throughout the year so you are that "awesome teacher I had in the 4th grade" not that "one that always got on me about how I wrote my letters in the 2nd grade."  

H: Harness the energy - They are full of energy in the spring. It adds to the end of the year. Harness it, play games like Jeopardy to review, Nothing wrong with a quick afternoon round of Heads Up 7 Up.

G: Get outside - can you take your lesson outside? Can you teach multiplication arrays with sidewalk chalk? 

F: Fight fatigue - by getting enough rest.

E: Enjoy the amazing moments - Did a child recently overcome something huge? Take a moment and soak it in!

D: Decompress - Make time for No Teacher Talk. My husband and I do this on particularly bad days. We give ourselves 10 minutes to get it all out and then move onto more positive things.

C: Count the days - go ahead count them down. The kids are already doing it you might as well too!

B: Brain Breaks - these are a great way to expel excess energy. I always would use them to transition from pre-morning playtime to now it is school time.

A: Appreciate the beauty around you - it is Spring after all ... the flowers are blooming, take some allergy pills and get out there!  

Well there you have it a Z to A list to help you make it through the end of the school year! After making this list this list could really apply to anyone suffering from burnout.

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