Thursday, May 26, 2016

Buggy Math Worksheets from Let's Learn S'more Review

Welcome to a new feature here at The Play Based Preschool. It is called Treasure Chest Thursday. Treasure Chest Thursday is going to be a collection of wonderful finding from the web.

Reviewing a Flash Freebie from TpT Seller, Let's Learn S'more.

Today it starts with review of a great product I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Let's Learn S'more is a regular "linker" on Wednesdays with What's New Wednesday. Recently she shared a Flash Freebie, Buggy Math Worksheets."

I am so happy I snagged these up! My lil' ladybug is struggling with subtraction. I have downloaded two of her products now and let me tell you... They are great!

Here is what I love (specifically Buggy Math):

  1. Intentional and differentiating vocabulary. You have your typical shorter, taller, more or less. Then you have weight more or lightest and I love that this is working on developing larger vocabulary.
  2. Subtract the bugs has starer x's over the bus to take away. Get for beginners and struggling students then includes paper without the x's
  3. Also addresses beginning science sills with "Classify and Count"
  4. I also love the "buggy mix pages" that addresses several skills on one page. 
You all know that I am not one to use worksheets. I am all about play; however, I'm also and more so about what is best for each child. My daughter loves worksheets. Yes, I will use manipulative items to turn these more hands-on from time to time. Other times I will print some off and let her go at it.

The bugs picked for this product are extremely cute! I am also a sucker for cute! 

*** FULL DISCLOSURE *** This post contains links to Let's Learn S'more's store and this specific product. I was not asked to review this product and although it was free at the time, I was not asked to download the product either. If you choose to click over to Let's Learn S'more and purchase this or other products -- I will get NOTHING. In no way, shape, or form is this a sponsored post.

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