Monday, May 2, 2016

Move It Monday: Circle Time Movement Cards

Is your 'classroom' anything like mine was? Can't ever sit still? Has an extremely hard time transitioning from one thing to another?

Here is what worked for me.

Movement Cards.

During my time at the last daycare I was with we were a "We Thrive" center. This meant that we were striving to be a center that provided everything needed to be a thriving individual. Everything from what we fed the children, to what we taught, to information we provided our families with, to how much our children moved.

As a "We Thrive" center we agreed that we were going to give our children 30 minutes of structured movement as well as 60 minutes of unstructured movement with 30 minutes of it being outside.

Getting that structured 30 minutes was sometimes difficult. We did our best to get movement games in our lessons, but it wasn't really working. My particular crew was having a HORRIBLE time with settling for circle time, so I found this was a perfect way to get our wiggles out.

I created six cards that had a movement on it.

We would roll a large die and do the movement for that number.

We each rolled the die once and this would take us about 5 minutes to get ready for circle time.

This was working so well for circle time that I added it to get ready for story time. That was 10 minutes of our structured time! I started to find transition times to fit in our wiggle breaks.

You know something works well when your kids ask for it!

Well I have gone ahead and turned my handwritten cards into a product for you!

Right now, (May 2 - May 4) this product is FREE! So head on over to your favorite store (Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook or Educents) and download it!

** Just for full disclosure - Yes, the links will take you to my stores which is how I help support our family. I have started using more stock photos of children due to privacy of the children of my former class. (I no longer am with the center I first developed this product.)

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