Friday, June 24, 2016

Featured Friday: Sight Word Uno with Adventures in Kendragarten

"Mommy, I feel like I am forgetting my sight words." I have already heard it 17 times. We have been out of school for less than a month. Thank you ABC Mouse for letting her know she forgets stuff.

Hello new Featured Friday!

Hello, Adventures in Kendragarten!

I am not even 100% sure how I came across her store or this product, but I have a soon to be first grader who just rocked out some sight words!

It is played just like UNO (which she has never played) just with sight words.

Here is what I loved:

  • My girl was sounding out sight words that her teacher didn't include this year (went and down).
  • The rules of the game were simple. It is great at developing her confidence.
  • Even though her 4 year old brother cannot read yet, he could still play by looking at the words and matching the letters and colors.
This would have made this a little better for me:
  • A black and white option. I had to print it in color. I currently am out of blue ink, so green and blue straight up would not have worked. It printed in gray-scale and added my own colors.
  • It was very basic, no frills. Sometimes I like cute frills. Sometimes cute frills are distracting.
I am very happy that I found this game. I am sure we will be playing it again!

Sometimes I am a terrible blogger and forget to take pictures of stuff! So I have no pictures of us actually playing the game.  I also would like you to know ... Adventures in Kendragarten did not ask me to review her product, did not point me toward her product. I am reviewing her product because I downloaded it, loved it and it worked with my kid.  

Embrace Play and Make it a FUN day!

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