Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fourth of July: Color Match Fireworks

Let's dive into Fourth of July: 18 Hands On Activities

We are going to take a look at Color Match Fireworks

To create this activity I printed the firework pages on cardstock. I covered the firework in glue and sprinkled on the glitter.  Wait for the glue to dry for SEVERAL hours before laminating. Laminate and cut.

The main way to play this game is to set the large fireworks in the middle of the play space. Pick a small firework and math it to the color of the large firework. I always say, "Don't forget to tell me what color your little firework is!"  It gets them naming the color while they are setting it on the larger firework with the name printed on the card.

Here is a bonus way to play. Take pairs of the smaller fireworks and mix them up. Place them all picture side down. Play a matching game with the fireworks.

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