Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fourth of July: Count and Fill

Let's dive into Fourth of July: 18 Hands on Activities

Today we are going to take a look at the File Folder Game: Count and Fill

Here is the game assembled. You can purchase the assembled games through my Aftcra store. Listed at the bottom of this post.

This file folder game will work on several skills:
  • 1:1 correspondence
  • Fine Motor pinching grasp
  • Others depending on use

I tend to let the kids lead the activity. This little guy decided to line the shape with pompoms first. After lining (not filling the center) we counted how many pompoms were needed to line the shape. I asked him things like:
  • Is this the largest star on the page? (Yes)
  • Do you think this star (pointing to the smaller star) would need more, the same or fewer pompoms to line the edge? (Less)
  • Well, let's test it!
See here we worked on tons of skills!
  • Counting up to 27
  • Size Comparison
  • Vocabulary 
  • Hypothesis testing

This little girl decided to fill the center of the shape. After she felt the star was full we counted how many pompoms fit in the center of the star. I asked also asked her questions.
  • What shape did you fill? (Star)
  • Is this the smallest star on the page? (Yes)
  • Is there another star the same size? (Points to the other star)
  • Would that star hold more, the same, or fewer pompoms? (The same)
  • Why do you think that? (Because they are the same.)
  • Let's test it and find out!
Seeing that she was a little older than the first little guy I asked an additional reasoning question. She was also working on several skills.
  • Counting to 17
  • Shape identification
  • Shape comparison
  • Vocabulary
  • Hypothesis creating
  • Explaining the hypothesis (answering why?)
  • Hypothesis testing
If I were to guide the activity I could include other things as well.
  • Put all the yellow pompoms in the largest star.
  • Put 7 pompoms on the foot.
  • Fill the matching stars with the same color pompoms.
  • Pile all the pompoms in the largest shape.
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