Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fourth of July: Fine Motor Resources

Sometimes important skills need to be worked on but may not have many printable resources for it.

Fine Motor is one of those skills.

As we dive even further into Fourth of July: 18 Hands-On Activities, let's take a look at some of those skills.

Patterning and fine motor -- I like combining skills!  In the digital download you will get a sheet of these stars (color and black and white) print and punch holes. If you purchase the assembled learning kit you will get 3 sets, with straw glitter beads in red, white and blue.

I like to encourage patterns when we are creating things like this. Lacing the beads on the yarn works on the fine motor skills.

Up next we have activity mats. You will get 4 different activity mats.

There are some great uses:

  • Dry erase crayons/markers to complete the picture
  • Playdough to create the scene
Playdough really strengthens the those fine muscles used for pencil control.

Another great way to strengthen those fine muscles is to color.  With these color your own puzzle you have both pencil control and scissor practice.

Like what you see?

Assembled: Aftrca (coming soon)

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