Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fourth of July: Roll 10

Let's dive into Fourth of July: 18 Hands-on Activities

Today we are taking a look at the Roll 10 Games.

Roll 10 can be played two ways.
  1. Roll until one image appears 10 times.
  2. Roll 10 times and compare results.
This digital download comes with two versions
  1. Firework colors
  2. Fourth of July images.

When playing the firework version with each roll the learner is learning color identification and matching with each roll of the die.

The Fourth of July image version is great for only rolling the die 10 times and comparing the results. This one is also great for using with more than one learner, simply use a different indicator for each player.

The first person will roll their first turn and mark the image.
The second person will roll their turn and mark the image. 
Continue until all people have rolled 10 times.

Discuss the results.
  • Which image was rolled the most time?
  • Which image was rolled the least number of times?
  • Who rolled the most hot dogs?
  • Which image never appeared when rolling?
  • How many times was the drum rolled?
  • Which image has more, the pie or the cheeseburger?
  • Who rolled 3 pies?
  • Who rolled more flags Alex or Kaitlyn?
Your students are working on great skills in the process!
  • Counting
  • Fine Motor (rolling the die)
  • Pencil Grip 
  • Early Writing
  • Comparison
  • Vocabulary
  • Grouping
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