Friday, June 3, 2016

How to "Flatten" Your PDF for Free

Welcome back! "So ... you want to be a TpT Seller" continues.

You found your clip art.
You created your product.

Now it is time to get that product ready to publish.

When we left off you have added your credit page. Now download as a PDF.
Now we are leaving Google Drive and heading over to another FREE site, small PDF. You can do so many things here. I use it all the time and after 2 years I did decided that I was going to invest in this service monthly.

First you are going to select PDF to JPG and upload your PDF file. Select convert entire page. When you do Choose Option will turn yellow. Click on it to convert.
Now to continue this for free you will need to download these files as a ZIP folder. When you do that go to the folder that downloaded and select "EXTRACT ALL"
After extracting your files come back to SMALL PDF and select JPG to PDF.  Select all the images from your file. Double check they are in the right order.  To keep them in the right order I click on the first file, hold down shift and select the last file. It keeps them all in order and I don't accidentally miss a page.
Make sure you have "No Margin" to keep your image full page. Click Create. A few seconds later you have a nice and flattened PDF ready to upload to your store front.
To use Small PDF for free you can only use two functions per hour.  This would be both of the functions. I like to make my files as small as possible for the buyer.  I will go one step further and compress my PDF. You would need to open SMALL PDF in a new browser to do this right away, or wait an hour.  This is also an optional step.

Sara - why do you do this step? This seems unnecessary.  When you read the terms of use for any clip artist you are going to read something along the lines of ... You may only use this art if it cannot be lifted from your product.  You may also see the words "Flattened" or "Secured".  Basically, if someone were to open your PDF as a word type document without it being flattened they can take the clip art. Taking this extra step of making the whole page a JPG then turning it back into a PDF makes the individual items unable to lift them free.

Well there you have it my friends! That is how you create a product to sell without investing any money upfront.  I hope you found this useful!

Embrace Play and Make if a Fun Day!

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