Thursday, June 2, 2016

How to Use Google Drive to Create Teaching Resources

Welcome to part two of "So... You Want to Become a TpT Seller"

When I was first getting started I could not spend a dime on my business. I still can't spend TONS, but I do have a little wiggle room now. I had to find the best way to make quality resources that would be easy to edit down the road.

I started with digital scrapbook software. I could export as a PDF, I thought I had it down! The the software updated and my computer died and things got REALLY complicated. Enter Google Drive. I had been using it for Excel. I don't know why I didn't think of using it for Power Point (Slides).

Let's get started!

New > Google Slides || Where the magic begins.
The absolute first thing I do is create my print size. Most of the time I am a 8.5 x 11 designer.  File > Page Set Up
Select Custom and enter 8.5 and 11
You don't have to do this, but I always have my CLIP ART files open on the side and my Google Drive shrunk some. I can then just click and drop to add clip art.
I am making a Lapbook today. I am going to show you the details of how I made the first element. This particular product line has lots of specific sizes. So I add a table to keep my elements in the right size. This first one is a 2 x 2 table.
The first thing I am doing is creating the cover portion for the lapbook. You can see I already dropped in the frame I am using. Now I add WordArt for my title. 
Add the clip art that you will be using. You can easily flip elements under the Arrange > Rotate area.  I horizontally flipped the flip flop to make the left and right look.
Now you want to make it look exactly how you want. Make the lines of the letters black (or whatever color you wish).
Make the lines heavier. I usually use a 3 point line.
Fill the WordArt letters with the color you wish.
Using these same functions I added the other features. Continue until you have all of your elements created.
After I have created all of my elements I come back in and add all those little details. I add my name and logo to the cover. I add a small copyright to portions that will be exposed. For this lapbook I added it to the pockets and the cover flaps.
Create a cover for your product.
Add any teacher informative pages. With this one I included how to assemble the lapbook. Others it might just be a table of contents. 
The last thing I do before I export my product is to add my credit pages. I have this as a document on my Google Drive. so I just insert imported the slides from that file to this one. All that needs to be done now is to download as a PDF. 
Next time we will be talking about how to export the product, secure it and make it ready to upload.

Got questions? I got answers!

Embrace Play and Make it a Fun Day!

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