Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Tips to Encourage Creativity

The lists are all over Pinterest I am sure you have seen them -- 101 ways to beat, "I am bored."

I am already getting it here. I; however, am getting more the "have any of my friends called to set up playdates?" See my big one decided on the LAST day of school she needed her friends to have her phone number to play with over the summer ... so we made cards and gave them out. No one has called yet. So not only is she "BORED" she is missing her friends.

So I have been reading these lists -- all it is doing is making mama feel like I am failing to provide her with a fun filled life! -- guess what fun is not my job! I am Mom, not your friend. It is my job to raise you into the best person you can be.

Then I heard on the radio one morning, "It is okay to let your kids be bored - they have to develop their creativity and use their imaginations."

Knowing we have a few days of not great weather coming our way I made a list!

Sure I may need to get them started on some of these, but I know that creativity will soon take over.

  1. Plan a take over - build a fort and a pirate ship. Get out sock ball cannons and attack! 
  2. Puppet Play - Make the theater, make the puppets, write the plan and perform!
  3. Make friendship bracelets - there are super easy ones out there to learn!
  4. Write a comic book - or a story and draw the pictures!
  5. Have a photo shoot - we have old i phones for screen play, use the camera for a photo shoot. Make the backdrop, make the funny props.
  6. Make an obstacle course (inside or out)
  7. Make a waterpark (okay that has to be outside)
  8. Put on a play - Make the costumes, write the play and perform
  9. Make a zoo - be the animal or the zoo keeper up to you!
  10. Build a City - make playdough and build the structures.
As I write these I then realize they are going to need me to watch all these performances -- dolls make a great rehearsal audience! Then perform after dinner for the whole family! Barbie and dolls make great people to come to your zoo, or be in your city. 

Yes, I will provide guidance along the way -- they are only 6 and 4, but this list is great no matter what age!

How are you beating the summer boredom without breaking the bank?

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