Friday, July 29, 2016

You can home preschool you need these 3 things

With back to school upon us (my big one starts in less than 3 weeks!). It is time to make some decisions about preschool.

Dedicated Tiny Home Preschool Space
2014 I had a dedicated corner for our preschool time.

It was small and the kids were small. It was a dedicated space and it worked.

Tour My Small Classroom2015 I was working at a preschool. I had a whole classroom I could set up.

It was so much fun and to be honest I miss that part. I had the smallest classroom and that presented its own host of problems. I made it work. When I left that position I went super lax about preschool at home.

2016   I don't have the space.

Here is what I have:
o   I have a small amount of storage space to keep stuff.

o   I have SUPER tiny space I can add a few things

My preschool space
  • needs to double as a homework station.
  • MUST be portable
  • Non-portable pieces need to be cute and fit into the style of our home. (I love that we can home-preschool. Let’s be honest. I don’t want my house looking like a preschool. AND the fall holidays are right around the corner!)

3 essentials for an at home preschool in a TINY space.

You can home preschool you just need these 3 things

1.     A work table. (this one from IKEA is actually perfect and I used them in my class last year)

2.    Small simple storage for the daily stuff pencils, crayons, markers, small manipulatives, a clipboard.
3.    A cozy reading something or other.
4.    I would love an easel. One side to showcase what we are working on and one side for art, but that probably won’t happen need space for that.

Just writing this post has my wheels turning about how I might actually be able to have some small dedicated spaces! Stay tuned for the reveal I am off to IKEA!

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