Monday, August 8, 2016

Secrets to Reading Confidence Focus on 8 Letters First

“Mommy, will you help me read this book.” As he brings me “Magnets Push, Magnets Pull” He wants to read SO bad. That of course sends mommy on a hunt of what is the best way to teach him to read knowing that ABC order is not the best idea. I hunt the internet and I read some great articles and research.  Just to find out  

there is no one correct way to introduce letter sounds.

During my research I found the secret to reading confidence is to focus on 8 letters first. The order of these 8 letters does not matter. Research also showed that when you teach in abc order for sounds it actually confused children and they would revert back to letter names.

So where do you start then?

It was pretty common across the board to start with common letters like m, s, f, c, p and t.  Pick 3 to start with.

Included a short vowel sound, a or i. Use one with the first 3 consonants you choose. Use a second with the next 3 consonants you choose

Think of the confidence that will be built when these letters can be put into cvc words that the child can read!

-at family: mat, sat, fat, cat, pat
-am family: am, Sam,
-ap family: map, sap, cap, tap
-it family: sit, fit, pit
-ip family: sip, tip
Not to mention the sight words that can be included, at, is, it and if.

After these are solid add more letters. The next most common letters would be b, h, n, o, d, g, l and v.  Followed by y, r, e, qu, and z. The least common sounds, j, u, k, x, and w.

Keep in mind -- 

-       Avoid visually similar letters (b and d, q and p, f and t). This will create confusion.
-       The more senses you involve the more concrete the learning. Get those muscles and that brain working together!
-       Use multiple resources task cards, matching games, flip books, crafts you name it!
-       Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, but be creative! No one (in preschool) wants to sit and do flashcards. 

What sort of fun things are you doing to teach reading to your little ones? 

Embrace Play and Make it a FUN day!


Wild Child said...

Great tips! Thank you'

Kathy Simpson said...

Love your ideas...Word Families are really great for teaching reading!!

Julie said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

Mary Chappell said...

Love this! As a reading specialist, I know how important it is to build confidence without pushing beyond developmental readiness. This sequence is perfect for our emerging readers!