Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's New Wednesday - August 3 Link Up

It is that time of the week! What’s New Wednesday! I know I have not posted a What's New Wednesday Link Up in a while. I have been super focused on getting my store ready for Back to School Season. 

There is quite a bit that is new at the store. This week I will share with you one that is getting a lot of attention here at home. 

This has something in it for all learning levels. My little man is a perfectionist with no stick-to-it-iveness, he is asking to work on his letter book. 

It is great for him as he is learning to recognize the different upper and lowercase letters. In the book he gets to color them, identify them and sort them.  He is also working on writing them. In the book he gets to trace them, build them, and write them. 

In this Interactive Notebook he is learning TONS!
  • Recognize letters - Upper and lowercase through identifying, coloring and sorting.
  • Write letters - Upper and lowercase through building, tracing and writing
  • Phonics - Both hard and soft sounds through coloring images and word activities
  • Great pre-reading concepts - letters make words, letters have to be in a certain order to make a certain word, introduces sight words.
  • Fine motor skills - controlling the crayon to write and color
  • Scissor skills - cutting out the pieces
  • Gluing skills - not using too much, putting the glue on the piece, not the paper first.
  • Stick-to-itveness - Although the interactive notebook has 10 pages of activities for each letter we finish 2 pages at a time. If his attention span is lasting we may do a third.
Using the same book his sister, entering the first grade is getting great review!
  • Reinforcing letter recognition
  • Reinforcing phonics
  • Recognizing more CVC words - the word pages of the notebook really focuses on CVC words. Of course some letters this was EXTREMELY difficult like Q. 
  • Recognizing sight words - when possible I included sight words and high frequency words.
  • Establishing "magic e" - I have included long and short sounds in the word pages.
  • Gluing skills - she likes to put glue on the paper then place the piece on. So she is working on this and not using a lot of glue.
  • Confidence in her reading skills.
  • Refining her writing skills.

Now it is your turn! Time for the link-up!

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