Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I have an announcement.

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The Play Based Preschool Announcement

I have been adding all the amazing Play Based Preschool products to the store here. You will still be able to get all the great resources you have come to expect from The Play Based Preschool. You will get the same great instant downloads of play-based resources.

Exciting new changes are also arriving. Let me officially announce Learning Skadoodles. Learning Skadoodles is Where Life, Play and Learning Mingle. I wanted a place where you and your little learners can grow together. Provide you with opportunities to connect with out screens. A place to live, play and learn.

What can you expect from Learning Skadoodles?
Learning Category:
  • The same great digital downloads from The Play Based Preschool.
  • Now you can get assembled products shipped right to you!
  • In 2017 you will be able to get Preschool Curriculum Boxes sent right to you!
Life Category:
  • This is a whole new category for us. 
  • Planners, both printable and bound.
  • Planner stickers.
  • Color your own doodle stickers for planners.
Play Category:
  • I have already announced a new product line Color, Quilt and Craft. 
  • Launching in October - Connect and Color with Me, Coloring Subscription sent directly to you once a month. More specific details to come!
  • Downloadable coloring books.
  • 2017 you will be able to get Busy Boxes, a subscription service for at home moms.
I am excited about all the changes coming. I have some with launch dates and some are "down the road" ideas.

The first launching is the Connect and Color Subscription Service. Here is a peek into the first 2 months, October and November.

I also mentioned that you will be able to purchase assembled products. Currently, the apple product line has pictures of all the assembled products. I will be steadily working on adding more.

Thank you for coming over and checking us out. Click the little triangle in the upper right corner and join the mailing list to find out about all the great and amazing things to come!

Until next time! Skadoodles!

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