Monday, September 19, 2016

Introducing Color and Connect

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Does this happen in your house?

Mommy, will you color with me?  
Sure - what should we color? 
You color that page I will color this page. 
You and your little one are sitting there connecting over a coloring book and a bucket of crayons, pencils and markers. Since it a child's coloring book you finish long before they do. 

What if you could be coloring a more advanced coloring page while your kiddo's coloring a simpler page?

Welcome to "Color and Connect".

That is exactly what Color and Connect is here to offer you. Simpler coloring pages for them and advanced coloring pages for you. 

Let's talk about the sheets themselves.

Every coloring page is original work and hand-drawn. 

You are going to be sent 2 sizes of each page, an 8x10 and a 5x7.  This gives you the opportunity to display some fun, unique and original art. 

The pages are sent to you printed on a nice weight cardstock that is great for most coloring mediums.

Let's talk packages.

3 month subscription ($21).

Each month you will receive 3 adult pages and 7 kid pages. You are also going to receive access to digital downloads of the images for 30 days. This way if you don't love your color scheme you can print a new copy. If you have children who want to color the same page you are you can print additional copies. 

The following month you receive a new set!

This subscription does not auto renew.

Individual pages.

You can purchase individual pages in the Learning Skadoodles shop. Individual pages range from $1 to $2 each. 

You will be sent the pages just like with the subscription. You will also have digital access for 30 days.

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