Saturday, October 22, 2016

17 Hands-On Halloween Activities Review

17 Hands-On Halloween Activities has been a best-seller around this time of the year. This e-book is going to cover math, literacy, patterning, and science skills. It also contains several great sensory experiences.

Let's dive into some of the activities!

Cookie Cutter Match: 

You are going to take some themed cookie cutters and make a game board. The cookie cutter are then going to get used to match the cutter to the shape. This is great for fine-motor development and visual discrimination skills. You can use this same idea and use patterned scrapbook paper. Cut the shapes out and make a matching game by cutting out two of each shape.

Using these same cookie cutters you can work on more fine-motor skills, especially that pinch grip, by filling the cutters with pompoms. Count how many pompoms each cutter holds.

Learners are also going to be able to work on counting skills with Frankenstein Counting. You are going to make a few little Frankensteins with cardboard tubes. Give each one an number and fill them with craft sticks. Are your learners past the one to one counting skill? Have them roll a die and put that many craft sticks in the Frankenstein. Have them roll twice and work on addition. Fill one Frankenstein with 10 craft sticks. Roll the die and remove that many craft sticks to work on subtraction.

Although it this is listed as 17 Hands-On activities you are truly getting more! The Haunted House activity gives you 10 uses! You are getting suggestions for colors, shapes, math (adding, subtracting and beginning place value), letters, phonics, rhyming and patterns.

Sometimes the best learning opportunities are those that are left up to the learners minds! That is exactly what is encouraged with the trinket sort activities.  After sorting out the "monsters" he decided he was going to stack them all facing the same direction. Fine motor practice at its finest!

You can take these same trinkets and use them to work on starting sounds.

This e-book also shows you that you can take the most basic of items and turn them into the perfectly themed activity! There is no better example than this than when it comes to the Halloween Pompom Color Sort. I am not sure which name I love more "Pink Zombie Noses" or "Red Toadstool Tops"!

You maybe very well aware of your learners' love of fizzing and bubbles after checking out this post. In this e-book there is a different take on the Bubbly Witch's Brew with some Fizzing Eyeballs. The science doesn't stop there! You are going to get several Halloween science experiments. One that uses coffee filters, a jar of water and a black marker to make a witch disappear! Another on how to shoot ghosts across the room.

I love helping learners measure and mix to create something wonderful. You will be getting my playdough recipe in this e-book. I love this recipe because it makes a super smooth no-cook playdough. Unlike most no-cook recipes it does contain non-edible ingredients, mainly glue.

It would be silly for me to tell you EVERYTHING you are getting in this great e-book, so I am going to stop here. I will tell you though that you are also getting some crafts. Head on over to the store and pick up your copy today!

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