Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Coloring Books - a Review

When I first started designing coloring books I had one goal in mind. Simple lines and cute designs.

I was finding that my then 3 year old was really interested in coloring, but was getting frustrated by coloring books. It has only been worse with my son. If you go outside the lines it is ruined!

Let's take a look at the Halloween Printable Coloring Books I have available for you.

The first one we are going to take a look at is a 31 Days to Halloween.

You have a different Halloween coloring page for each day of the month counting down to Halloween.

Your beginning colorist will love the big spaces and simple lines. Your more advanced colorist will love the ability to add their own creativity to the page.

The other book available for you is the Halloween A to Z coloring book.

This book has a different coloring page for each letter of the alphabet. The book still has the simple lines and cute designs.

You can get both books over at the store. Do you have the book?  We would love to see finished pictures over on our Facebook Page (Learning Skadoodles).


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