Monday, October 24, 2016

Quick and Easy Halloween Science for Kids Anyone Can Do

Halloween Flub, a simple and easy science experiment for preschool (and kids of all ages really). You will be able to easily find the ingredients at a big box store and/or craft store.

You are going to need:
  • White Elmer's Glue All or School Glue (only because I have tried this with other brands and this is the best for Flub)
  • Polystyrene Beads (found at a fabric store in the filling area - it looks like tiny Styrofoam beads)
  • Borax (This is near the powered laundry detergents)
  • Warm Water
  • Mixing Containers
  • Measuring Spoons and Cups
If you are going to incorporate a lot of science into your preschool routine I would suggest in picking up a set or two of measuring spoons and cups just for your science stuff.  Then it is okay if you don't get every single drop of glue off.

Step 1:
Mix 1/2 cup of warm almost hot water with 3 teaspoons of Borax.
Stir.  It doesn't have to completely dissolve, but the more dissolved the better.

Step 2:
Mix equal parts of glue and water.  I do this by emptying the glue bottle then fill it up again with water and empty.
Stir until will mixed.

Now you have your parts, onto making the Flub.

In a bowl or food storage bag put 2/3 cup of glue mix, 3 tablespoons (9 teaspoons) of Borax solution and just under 2/3 cup of the beads.

Mix, mix and mix.  (I like to make mine in a food storage bag because you can just keep squishing until it is all combined.)

Let sit for around 10 minutes.

The science that is happening.  I cannot really explain it all, it's a lot of chemistry that I don't really understand.  But I can explain it for preschoolers - ha.  The Borax creates bonds (bridges) with all the little parts of the glue.  It traps air inside.  The more Borax per 1/2 cup of water the thicker the creation will be.  The beads just add a great texture to the Flub.

Sometimes things are just more fun with colors and fun names! Here are some other Halloween Twists for  you!
  • Ghastly Ghost Flub - if you leave it white
  • Wicked Witchy Flub - if you color it green or black (color the glue solution before you add any Borax)
  • Frankenstein Brains - if you color it purple (color the Borax solution for a lighter color and white of the glue still showing through)

Now, Skadoodles!

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