Sunday, October 23, 2016

Safe-Spooky Halloween Playlists for Children

Last year I was looking for some fun Halloween music that was perfect for preschoolers. I found that Fischer Price Little People has a great Halloween Album. I found it on Spotify (my go to music player!)

Then I looked a little further and I found that many of the songs are on YouTube and someone already put a playlist together. Us teachers need to stick together! So thank you for putting this together and here it is for you!

While searching out some Halloween music for kids on YouTube I found The Learning Station has 20 minutes of "Safe Spooky" music for any preschool/early ed Halloween party. There is even a guided dance song in the middle!

Of course I can't just share two things with you. I feel like I am leaving you hanging! So here is a third option. This one is more like a DVD that you can play from YouTube. Also "Safe Spooky" but not your typical songs either.

Happy Halloween y'all!

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