Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stress Free Holiday Planner

We are well into October. If you have been around for awhile you may know that when September 1 hits we get super busy with family stuff around here. We have 2 birthdays in September, 3 in October, 1 in November and 4 in December. Then you have all the holidays in October, November and December.

For most people, myself included, we are heading full force into a very stressful time of the year.

A few years back our church did a whole series about simplifying Christmas to bring your focus back to what is really important. Just so happen that it was also a season in our lives where there was nothing left to do except focus on Jesus.

One of the big focuses was to simplify the stress.

The only way that works for me to simply stress is to have a plan. People laugh at me that I start planning this time of the year in July. We have 13 big things in this time frame. To get that all done without putting it all on credit cards requires a plan and a budget.

A great way that many people de-stress is also by coloring. So I am bringing these two great de-stressing techniques together for you.

YES! I am going to help you destress this holiday season by having a plan. The margins are full of adult coloring doodles!

Let's take a look inside.

Monthly calendars October through January.

Menu planning for Thanksgiving, Christmas and a Holiday Menu for any additional party you may be hosting.  It also includes a cooking schedule for the day before and the day of Thanksgiving and Christmas. No need to rely on your memory and have it all written down in one place.

Keep track of all the holiday baking you will be completing. I have also included recipe sheets to help keep everything in one place.

At this time of the year you may be hosting events so there might be extra cleaning that needs to be accomplished, extra projects that need to be completed or special shopping. I have included these "To Do Lists" both for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gift giving can be a big stressor. Here is a survey to keep track of what people are interested in at the moment. You also have an Ongoing Wish List - a great place to keep track of those things you collect that you might want to ask for, DVD's, music, books and the like.

What about all those fun thing you do to count down to the big day? I have you covered there too! You are getting an Acts of Kindness calendar and a Making Memories calendar both with room to add your own ideas. 

Head on over to the Learning Skadoodles Shop to pick up your copy! You can get it printed and bound with a flex-comb here.

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