Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello November.

Hello November -- welcome to the month that brings hairy men and Facebook feeds full of "gratitude".

Before I get into what I want to say with this post I wanted to let you all know something. What I am about to say made me really check myself. I didn't want to put it out there my disdain for this without making doubly sure that I am not guilty of it myself.

Here we go, I am going to say it.

I hate November.

Okay, well I don't hate all of November. There are things that I just LOVE about November. Things like the colors, sweatshirts, boots, and my boy's birthday (even though it continually makes me sad that he is getting so big!).

All of these great things get overshadowed for my disdain for the fake gratitude that floods from so many during November. Not to mention the judgements that come from those who "love Thanksgiving and all it stands for!" Sadly, these are the same people where -- everything is terrible until November 1st. Then they are thankful for EVERYTHING! Just to start complaining about everything Christmas starting December 1st.

Please don't get me wrong --  if you do not live a life of gratitude you have to start somewhere. If you are going to embrace a month make some changes and embrace a life of gratitude! Not everyday is going to be a great day, but by God there is something to be grateful for in each day. Thankfulness needs to be a lifestyle! Thankfulness is something to embrace at all times, not just 30 days in November.

This month we are going to be heading down this road. My Instagram is going to be flooded with quotes and scripture. We are going to be talking about gratitude and teaching gratitude to our kids. We will find ways to embrace gratitude beyond November. We will be teaching with  pumpkins and Thanksgiving. I will have some great activities for you and even some contests! The contests will be over on Facebook.

Until next time! Skadoodles.

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