Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sellabrate: Birthdays

As you saw we had a birthday in our house this week. The last school I worked at was trying hard to move away from food based celebrations. Although this had yet to really take hold I had my class create a book for our birthday friend. We all filled out this sheet.

They finished the sentence and drew the picture. I had them "write" the word on the line the best they could and then wrote the word next to it for them. I added this great little cover.

And this ending page.

It made a great little book to send home with the birthday child.

I wanted to have some other activities based around birthdays to be playing with while we were working on our books so I also created these.

A few coloring pages (the amazing clip artists used are in the product itself)

You will get this cute math center which can double as 2 activities.

I included some word unscrambles.

You are also getting 2 playdough mats!

I think birthdays are pretty big deals. I love being able to make the whole day about the birthday friend!

Have fun celebrating birthdays! Get your copy for free here.

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