Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Time Flies

Four times a year or so I may leave our normally scheduled posts for one like today.

How did this happen? How did 5 years already pass?

To my monkey,

I am so proud of the boy you have become. You are mommy's favorite 5 year old boy in the whole world!

You love hard and play harder. You are funny and a regular in the goofball sea. Your laugh is contagious.

The creative inventing mind you show us when you are playing with your Legos is a thing to behold! I see the fingerprints of God when I look at you.

You are silly, sassy and full of life!

God has an amazing plan for your life. I can't wait to see how it continues to unfold. Big changes are coming your way now that you are 5 but you will always be mommy's baby boy.

I love you monkey with Mighty Machine sprinkles, Blaze and the Monster Machines jimmies, Paw Patrol syrup and 100 million thousand cherries on top! Happy Birthday bubby.

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