Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DIY Fidget Spinner and Coloring Pages

I heard it all over the teaching networks I am part of ... "Make the Fidget Spinners STOP!" 

Now I get it, when a "toy" is annoying you want it to go away. Instead of being the mean teacher that doesn't let them have their spinners ... what if you were the teacher that embraced the spinner (without having to deal with the actual spinner)?!?

There are two things to help you do this over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

First is the "Fidget Spinner Coloring Pack" 

 Fidget Spinner Coloring

This is rather popular in the first week of release. Which brought me to think. What if you could embrace the spinner even more? Do something where they are taking these designs and actually making spinners -- well, I found it.

 DIY Fidget Spinner

In this resource you are going to get the step by step directions to make fidget spinners using light weight cardboard, a straw and a brad. That's right, no bearings, no strong adhesive, and a controllable mess (seriously the only mess is the paper from cutting the pieces). 

Not only are you getting step by step directions with and without pictures. You are also getting 12 different patterns.

  • Three 2 prong spinners
  • Five 3 prong spinners
  • Two 4 prong spinners
  • Two 5 prong spinners
This is perfect for teachers needing something fun for the end of the year. Perfect for parents needing something to entertain your children. Ideal for school age preschool teachers. Great for summer camp counselors.

Both resources are over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store

Get yourself the directions and patterns head over to my Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/SaraHickmanDesigns) and share those great designs with me!

Embrace play! Make it a fun day!

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