Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rainbow Week: In Depth Look

When this book finally made it to my hands ... I gasped. It turned out so good! Let's take a look inside Rainbows: Full Theme Curriculum.

This is a preschool theme. If you have developmentally typical children this book is going to be geared toward 3 to 5. Now, how often do we have a classroom full of developmentally typical children? The last time I taught 3's let me tell you how many of them were "typical" ... zero. Seriously, not one of my children in a class of 7 tested at typical ranges. 2 were above and 5 were below. I take that into consideration anytime I design an educational product. Most activities can easily be adapted to the development level of the learners you have.

It always warms my heart when a special needs teacher tells me how much they appreciate the differentiation in the activities. Those learners biologically are much older, but the educators are finding exactly what they need to meet their learners right where they are.

Check out this trailer and then I will talk some more!

In this book you are getting everything you need for a typical preschool day. That means:
  • Circle Time
  • Letters
  • Number
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Writing
  • Science 
  • Sensory
  • Art
  • Large Muscle
One of the great things about this book is that everything you need is right here and most of it is can be adapted to where you are. My own guy is getting to that point where he can start working on sight words. I can copy "Follow the Rainbow Brick Road" in black and white and add color to the spaces we are not working on working on the sight word. For example I could color all the squares except blue and red. When he rolls the red or the blue he would have to look at the letters to determine which space to move to. Last summer when he was solidifying his knowledge of colors I would have colored in all the squares. The game can grow with him.

You can do the same things with the rainbow letters. My oldest is about to be out of school, but loves all things school. I can print copy her a sheet and have her write all words in her book that have that letter on the page. Her brother is working on making the letters correctly, he would do the activity as explained, using each color of the rainbow to write the letter.

Let's move onto the number section. Strip puzzles were a staple of my tray activities. (Quickly, these are were 7 tiny centers that I used for drop off, big transition times - like the horrible 15 minutes between snack and muscle room. They were small, but fun and engaging.) In this book you are going to get skip counting puzzles as well as counting by 1s.

This book has two individual math centers, roll the rainbow and a color by number grid. I love dry erase crayons and markers. I would laminate both pages and leave these in my math center at all times.

If you know much about my units, I cannot not include an emergent reader (pictured above). Reading is so vitally important. There are so many skills that need to be learned in order to read. It is never too early to start working on those skills. One of those skills is understand that letters make words and words make sentences. The reader included in the color section can be done as a large group working through each little page or as a one on one activity. The color activities that are included in this section were actually kept in my discovery center while we did this unit. This section has another file folder game as well!

When you move onto the shape portion you are going to get a flip and find game, shape puzzles (which are perfect for trays or out in a center), and a file folder game. This one is aimed at boys since it is a race car game!

The sensory and science portions have some great activities! Many of these are large group activities. Some of them even have activity journals!

You are going to love how it makes planning for your week(s) easy. This unit makes adaptation for learning levels easy. You can focus where you need to focus instead of worrying about what to do. There are plenty of things here that you can print and leave out for self-guided learning time.

Digital copy or physical copy is up to you! Both are available. You also have access to the digital files in color if you would like them.

Physical Copy Here: Amazon
Digital Copy Here: Teachers Pay Teachers 

Embrace Play! Make it a Fun Day!

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