Thursday, August 10, 2017

3 Ways I Can Wear Your Hat

When you are an entrepreneur you sometimes forget things that are just obvious for others. I have been an entrepreneur for so long I forget other people have in the "real-world" jobs. Well being an entrepreneur you take on the role of everyone. You are the owner, you are the accountant, you are the marketer, you are the creator, you are the designer and on and on. You are the Lead Hat Rack. When you are the lead hat rack you don't always get to work in your strengths. The Hat fits me perfectly when I am creating. I get to wear my favorite hat when I am drawing. I get to wear my fiercest hat when I am making a video for a client. I get to wear my hat that fits so snuggly and I can hide when I am planning my strategies. When I have to sell stuff, well that hat is not so comfy. When I have to be in front of a camera, that hat feels weird.

The point I am making is that if you can pass those uncomfortable hats to someone who can rock them well -- YOU SHOULD! Any time I can pass sales stuff to Hubsy I will. He rocks that sales hat. If I need models ... those hats go to my daughter and her best friend.

I am going to put my hats on display for your use. First up I have my TECHY HAT.

What do you think of that header up there? You can click on all the great places and get to where you want to go. You click on my name you will get back to the homepage. Awesome right! Got an image that you want to link to your social media sites? Got a header that you want to link back to your store? I can help you out! IF you blog here on blogger, like I do, you will get step by step, letter by letter what you need to do to install the HTML code needed as well. If you use a different blogging service I will not be able to help with the installation.

Available in my FEATURED PRODUCT SHOP. $25.00 (up to 5 links)

Next off the Hat Rack - Give me that Video Producer for Marketing Hat you keep trying to wear and just hate. 

A kind colleague said to me recently: "Stop Motion is a rare talent and you are good at it!" SO let me wear that hat for you!  

Stop Motion Animation: 

Here is a SUPER quick one put together to market during the Back to School Sale.  

You know you want one of these to promote your latest product! 

Here is who you are: Someone selling a product or a service. 
  1. Sara I am a direct seller and I sell books. I would love to help you! I have great ideas!
  2. Sara I am a design clip art. Perfect! I would love to showcase your clip art in a new and fun way.
  3. Sara I am a direct seller and my products are used in the kitchen. Okay awesome! I can totally help make you some great stop motion videos using your products or recipes.
  4. Sara I am teacher-author. Hey so am I! I got you covered.  :)  
  5. Sara can you help me I sell toys ... OF COURSE!
If you have a physical product that I need to use in the video, you pay to ship it to me. I pay to ship it back to you after it is used in the video.

If you have a digital product. Email me the product and I will do the printing and prep-work! 

Let's talk the about the greens. You will need to pay 50% up front to secure your spot in line. The other 50% will be due before I email you send you your video. It will take me about a day to get your video ready to send to you. Now depending where you are in the line will determine how many days out your video will be. I will let you know that when I get your deposit.

You will also get an animated GIF of a portion of your video.

Available in the FEATURED PRODUCT SHOP -- $50. 

Or you can choose a Hollywood Blockbuster Product Trailer like this.

Why would you choose a Trailer over a Stop Motion. I am able to highlight more benefits for your customer with a trailer. This is also better for those who want to really push an emotion with their video. It uses stock photo and video to tell the story. 

Available in the FEATURED PRODUCT STORE. $30

I have limited spots available for all products. I will open more slots when I have completed this first round of marketing products for all of you. Thank you for supporting Sara Hickman Designs! I look forward to serving you!

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