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3 Best Practices for Free and Legal Coloring Pages

I hate to say this I am in a love hate relationship. I can't believe it has gotten to this point. I love you for so many reasons ...

You bring me so many beautiful things. Don't forget ...

Or helpful things. I mean my makeup is amazing thanks to you. Pinterest, I really do love you. You bring me so many great things. You are my go to search engine. But I hate you all at the same time.


Cute coloring page from Pinterest! Right Click > Save Image As > then Print. STOP! Just STOP! please STOP!

Here is why you need to stop. You hear it time and time again. Pinterest images are more than likely stolen images. It is true, but they are not the bad guy here. It is the "Free Coloring Page" Warehouse sites that are to blame and the uneducated blogger. Now some of the images are licensed clipart, but it is just too hard to tell the difference.

If you want to share your colored work (which is what all artists want) you want to cite the artist and where you got it. In most cases Facebook groups (where most of you are sharing your work) do not allow Pinterest and Google Search images. YOU MUST KNOW WHO THE ARTIST IS.

Here are the reason I know of for using Pinterest and Google Images ...

1. It is easy to find pages to color and they are there to print, so who am I really hurting?

I won't show you a picture of my adorably cute children here, but let's face it. When you do this you are keeping money out of the pocket of artists. Let me be frank with you here. When you buy a coloring book on Amazon, with needing to compete with other artists and bringing you a fair price and all that jazz that goes into pricing our books ... If you are getting a 30 ish image book that is single sided for around $9. The artist is making between $2 and $3 if they are a US artist.

2. Artists should be happy I am coloring their pages it doesn't matter where I got it.

Yes and No. We are thrilled to see our work colored and shared. HOWEVER, was it a page that WE shared or was it a page that someone else shared -- THIS IS STEALING! When it is stolen 99.9% of the time you can't tell everyone it is us! So where you got it, does matter. This includes group admins sharing pages from our books without our permission in their coloring groups.

3. I just cannot afford coloring books so I just print and color.

I will be careful here, because I understand this completely. My question for you first is .... what are you coloring with? I see it too often where people will drop HUNDREDS on pencils like it is nothing then BITCH about take issue with the price of coloring books. Okay, you really just can't afford them right now - STOP STEALING! Keep reading I will tell you the safe way to get free pages to color.

3 Best Practices to Avoid Stealing Art (coloring pages)

Best Practice: Download from the artist's site ... DO NOT right click save image as and print. Yes, you will more than likely have to give your email address. Would this be such a bad thing since some artists send out free pages in emails to you? LEGAL and FREE

Best Practice: You run a group and love a book you bought. You love it so much you want to share a page with your group. STOP! Don't, this is still stealing.

Reach out to the independent artist and ask for a page to share. The worst thing they can say is no. If they do share a page with you AWESOME. Oh and bonus, you get all the information you need to cite the work properly AND you are not hurting the artist.

Best Practice: CUTE Pinterest page ... DO NOT DO THIS right click >save > print ... DO THIS INSTEAD - Right Click > Search Google for Image and at least try to find the artist. (step by step instructions with an example right here)

Maybe the page you want was stolen from them. If you shoot them an email saying - I found your work through Pinterest and I would love to color this page legally ... You might still get to color it for free.

The All-that-AND-a-bag-of-Doritos (chips just won't cut it here) Practice: If you do get free pages, do not share the uncolored page directly. Share the LINK on how to get the page for themselves.

This is so important I am bringing you a list! You will need to be willing to give your email address to get the freebies, a small price to pay. You are already saving and printing. DO IT LEGITIMATELY.

Artists where you can get free pages (I will add to this list!)



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I asked recently ... "What do you want to see ... what I am coloring or what I am drawing?" A friend of mine said, "What are you coloring?"

My answer ... "I am coloring this, but I want to color this ... if I can find the artist first."

I am sure she thought I was crazy. Here is why I answered the way I did.
1. I want to support artists, not just color whatever I find on the Internet.  2. I wouldn't want someone to rip me off. 3. I dropped a piece of wisdom -- don't rip off artists! (Not that my friend does!)
So Zombie Girls there .. yeah, I love her. She is way more detailed than most things I color. I find her to be a challenge. I find her to be fun. I find her shared in way, way too many free coloring whatnots. 
Pinterest and Google Searching are not the only culprits of hosting stolen art. There are plenty of "Free Coloring Book Sites" full of art that probably shouldn't be there. If you can't find the artist's name ther…

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This says it all LIVE on Facebook ( on Sunday 9/24/2017 at 2pm. I am going to be coloring this page. 
You can come over and color with me! Virtually that is. Sign up to get your free coloring page (even if you have signed up before.) You will get this page and two bonus pages. Plus a sneak peek at what else is in the Halloween Mini Book.
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