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3 Steps to Fight Copyright Infringement

I asked recently ... "What do you want to see ... what I am coloring or what I am drawing?" A friend of mine said, "What are you coloring?"

My answer ... "I am coloring this, but I want to color this ... if I can find the artist first."

I am sure she thought I was crazy. Here is why I answered the way I did.

1. I want to support artists, not just color whatever I find on the Internet. 
2. I wouldn't want someone to rip me off.
3. I dropped a piece of wisdom -- don't rip off artists! (Not that my friend does!)

So Zombie Girls there .. yeah, I love her. She is way more detailed than most things I color. I find her to be a challenge. I find her to be fun. I find her shared in way, way too many free coloring whatnots. 

Pinterest and Google Searching are not the only culprits of hosting stolen art. There are plenty of "Free Coloring Book Sites" full of art that probably shouldn't be there. If you can't find the artist's name there is probably a reason why it is hidden.

Best Practice: Try to find the artist. 

Here is a simple thing you can do to try and find the artist.

Right click the image and go to "Search Google for Image"

You will get a result looking like this:

Scroll through the results and see if you can find something that might lead you to the artist. I found an interview with Deborah Mueller the Chubby Mermaid. In that interview it linked to her Etsy Shop where I found ... 

Here is where you would want to buy the coloring book so that you can color the page. If you wanted to you could reach out to the artist and tell her what you found online and where - maybe even give a link where you found it. I know that I would want to know if you found my art shared illegally somewhere.  

This search took me less than 5 minutes. The interview was on page 3 of the search. Yes, it took longer than Right Click, Save, Print. I can feel good about coloring this page because I did my small part on the war against theft. Plus, when I make a purchase I will be supporting the artist.

I realize there are so many worse things out there in the world but this is just a small thing we could all do to support coloring fans and the artists that keep trying to bring you what you love.



Ch Ch Changes

If there is one thing that is consistent with Sara Hickman Designs it is that I change with the changes that head my way.

When I started out on this journey it was to make a difference. I wanted to empower teachers to make learning fun again. Academic does not have to equal boring, repetitive, or busy work. Somewhere along the way, I think we as teachers and parents have lost that. We teach them how to take a test. We are worried when they can't write their letters at 3. We tell them at the start of the year you have to have this score on this test to move on at the end of the year.

How does that make learning fun?
Who wants to spend their kid years doing an hour and a half of homework in the 3rd grade?
Who wants to have homework in Kindergarten?

Don't get me wrong not all of life has to be fun and games, but when they are kids -- they need to be able to be kids.

Studies have even shown the more senses you get involved while learning the more active the brain is absorbing the …

Monday Muse Edition 5

So I am totally in love with that is Steampunk right now. The earthy colors, the sumptuous Victorian attire, with the mix of hardness from the antiquated props and the ingenuity of a world that never was ...

I mean really top hats, ruffles, corsets, skeleton keys, gears, and cogs. 

I decided I would pull 3 similar, but different schemes for your weekly inspiration. They are all so beautiful in their own ways.

Seriously, how can I work this into my life without looking like I am wearing a costume?
See you next time! We are getting close to pre-season football ya'll. Fall is right around the corner!

Teaching Talk Episode 3: Feedback

In today's episode, we are going to talk about Feedback. I am going to even show you how to get to where your resources are stored and how to leave feedback.

Now, this does all take place on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. If you do not have a Teachers Pay Teachers account I ask why not? You know it is free. Soon there will be an episode or a post about why everyone should have an account on Teachers Pay Teachers.

But today, we talk about feedback.

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