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Zodiac Cupcakes

I am sure I am not alone here. One day I was so bored at my part-time job I hopped on Instagram and looked up some art challenges. This particular challenge was someone's birthday challenge. I was to draw a blue velvet cupcake.

How fun did this turnout!?! I took the zodiac sign and turn it into the cupcake plate and put the constellation on the icing. Then an idea was born. I would make 12 cupcakes, one for each zodiac sign. The icing would be a galaxy and the constellation would be there as well.

I didn't know at the time what I would do with them exactly, but I knew they were a super cute idea.

First, I sketched out all 12 cupcakes and zodiac cake stands.

It was time to pull out the light box and trace them onto final copy paper. This time around I was going to be using watercolor paper. I was not still debating on how I was going to color the galaxy, but this paper would work with any medium I finally choose. This happens to be Cold Press, 140 lb paper, in a 6-inch by 6-inch square.

With it being time to color I had to make a decision. I knew I wanted to try and make the stand metallic which lead me to using markers over watercolors. Markers gave the cupcakes a nice bright, saturated color. The constellation was added with white gel pen. 

Upon finishing the cupcakes I realized they would make some super cute birthday cards. 

For the powers that be -- These are currently available to be part of your next greeting card line. Feel free to email me



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My answer ... "I am coloring this, but I want to color this ... if I can find the artist first."

I am sure she thought I was crazy. Here is why I answered the way I did.
1. I want to support artists, not just color whatever I find on the Internet.  2. I wouldn't want someone to rip me off. 3. I dropped a piece of wisdom -- don't rip off artists! (Not that my friend does!)
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