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Fa La La Friday Announcement

2018 is starting off with a blast. And by blast, I mean an arctic one! I don't know about where you are, but here in Ohio ... brrr. Yesterday morning it was a balmy, -7 degrees! The weather is not why I am posting today. Today is an announcement!

Welcome to Fa La La Friday!

Where we at Sara Hickman designs celebrate those silly little holidays that no one really cares about. We are not talking pi day here (I mean if March 14 is a Friday then we will). We are talking about National Bagel and Lox day or National Do a Grouch a Favor Day.
I am introducing a new clip art character each month. This character will be celebrating that Friday's holiday.

We are starting with Rosie.

Rosie can be downloaded here
This first Fa La La Friday is National Bird Day.
Rosie and her feathered friend are here for your clip art needs. 
For legal terms of use for Sara Hickman designs clip art go here

Come back next week to see what Rosie will be up to!



Posh Pairing Adult Coloring Giveaway

3 Steps to Fight Copyright Infringement

I asked recently ... "What do you want to see ... what I am coloring or what I am drawing?" A friend of mine said, "What are you coloring?"

My answer ... "I am coloring this, but I want to color this ... if I can find the artist first."

I am sure she thought I was crazy. Here is why I answered the way I did.
1. I want to support artists, not just color whatever I find on the Internet.  2. I wouldn't want someone to rip me off. 3. I dropped a piece of wisdom -- don't rip off artists! (Not that my friend does!)
So Zombie Girls there .. yeah, I love her. She is way more detailed than most things I color. I find her to be a challenge. I find her to be fun. I find her shared in way, way too many free coloring whatnots. 
Pinterest and Google Searching are not the only culprits of hosting stolen art. There are plenty of "Free Coloring Book Sites" full of art that probably shouldn't be there. If you can't find the artist's name ther…

Come and Color - Sunday

This says it all LIVE on Facebook ( on Sunday 9/24/2017 at 2pm. I am going to be coloring this page. 
You can come over and color with me! Virtually that is. Sign up to get your free coloring page (even if you have signed up before.) You will get this page and two bonus pages. Plus a sneak peek at what else is in the Halloween Mini Book.
Then be ready to color at 2pm and be on my Facebook Page to color with me!