40 in 40 with Sara Hickman Designs

Starting on January 20th over on my YouTube Channel I am doing a 40 in 40 series. Forty videos with coloring challenges. These videos are all leading up to the release of my new coloring book 40 in 40, Coloring from Drawing Challenges.

Let's talk about the videos first. 

There will be coloring palette challenges. These are when I find a picture and pull colors from it.  Like this one.

There are also others.

There are a certain number of colors challenge. Such as a 1 marker challenge, a 3 color challenge, or must use 20 markers challenge. There are challenges when I asked for the favorite colors of fans, favorite cartoons and favorite animal. Other challenges are when I challenged myself to use just one brand for the whole piece, or a color that I typically don't like.

Each challenge will let you know what book the challenge image came from. I tried to include something from every book (outside of seasonal books).

Be sure to check out YouTube to follow all the videos.

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