Benefits to Coloring (and drawing)

One night last week I was feeling a major anxiety attack set in. These things happen when you are going on 4 weeks of part-time income. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Praise the LORD!

I picked up my iPad to start doodling. This is how many of my coloring books have started actually. I have needed to relax and I start doodling. Two hours later I have 24 coloring pages. Will they all make it to a coloring book? I don't know yet.

Coloring can do the same thing for you. There are some great benefits to coloring. If you are not artistic. or feel you are not artistic this may be the thing you need.

Check out this quick video.

So, what are you waiting for?

Mini Mandalas is a great one for you to pick up if you need a place to get started.  Several of the mandalas have nice open spaces to get some great brush stroke style coloring. Others have intricate details.

Place your order for it before Tuesday at 5am Eastern Time and I will order it from my printer THIS WEEK! (Ordered after 5am Tuesday it will be ordered with NEXT WEEK's order)

Check out some pictures from Mini Mandalas.

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