Earn FREE SHd Coloring Credits

Who doesn’t love FREE? 

Do you know why stores have loyalty cards? Because we will spend more at that particular business because we get points to redeem at another time. My husband will get gas at a specific station because he saves and earns.

Well now it is your turn! 

When you purchase a page or a book you can earn points to cash in for FREE coloring pages and books. 

Here is your breakdown. 

5 points for your first share in a Facebook group. 

1 point for the same page shared in additional groups. 

3 points for sharing on Instagram. 

10 points for a review on this site. Per terms of use I am not allowed to award points for Amazon or Barnes and Noble reviews. Please review there too though! Your opinion matters! 

10 points for a video review and 1 point for any groups or pages it is shared on.


You must mention/tag #SaraHickmanDesigns or @Sara Hickman Designs. If you don’t tag me or mention my page I won’t know you share it. 


#SaraHickmanDesigns will keep track of all points. 

Free pages will not be eligible to earn points.


50 points can be redeemed for free page pack. These change frequently. 

250 points for a free PDF of a full book

1000 points for a signed limited premium edition of a full book


Head over to the coloring library and start earning! 

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